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Hey All,

As we move into the final stretch of Phase 2, and as more difficult features are constructed, you're going to see more construction closures. Lines will be shut down more often and for longer periods of time. Here are a few examples:

- the expert jump line will be closed until we build the bridge across the road gap.

- the Holy Chute will be closed until we finish the berm at the bottom.

- the far east line leading to the Schleyer drop will be closed until we finish the berm after the 2nd wall ride *and* until we get some signs up.

- Joel's coaster/wooden structure line will be closed until we finish up those segments.

Bear with us! We're almost there... still scheduled for a Sept 13 grand opening party. Now that the weather is awesome and there's so much to ride out in the woods, this is actually not a bad time to have to close a few things at Colonnade.

The Pumptrack, Limestone Loop and Skinnies/Octagon are all complete and ready to ride. The upper and middle (less difficult) jump lines off the shed will be open on'n'off. There's a lot to ride in the Tqalu area as well.

Please forward this on to anybody you know who rides at Colonnade. Shoot me an email (colonnade-at-bbtc-dot-org) if you have any questions.

And remember... *** Colonnade is still under construction, so always check everything out before you ride it... ALWAYS ***


1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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