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indiemtbkr said:
It might get cold once in the winter over there. Then it snows and traffic shuts down because most people are afraid of the snow :eek:

Frost is a little more common over here in Spokane.
My bad, thought you were in seattle.

I'm okay with the people that are afraid of the snow, I'm thinking they stay home. It's the people that don't know how to drive in it, or don't have the proper equipment that shuts the traffic down. I've got chains. I drove around with them on for 3-4 days the last big dump we had.

I'm ready for spring.


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You can ride there. It's under construction so we don't have much in terms of a long continuing stretch of trail yet. But it's close. Just make sure you ride on stuff that's completed and understand there's going to be hazards typical of an incomplete work site.

i would figure that once we get the novice area completely done everyone would encourage people to ride there since there would be a trail done. But there is no harm in coming down and checking it out with or without wheels.
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