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Collar bone plated and bone graft !!!!

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Just got home from having my collar bone plated and a bone graft from my pelvis after busting my shoulder on a group ride 6months ago :blush:
Shoulder plated and pined and is uncomfortable as I would expect but man does the pelvis/abdomen HURT LIKE A ***** were they took the bone graft from. I was ok for a few hours while the anesthetic worn off and then about 7 this morning I sneezed my god did that hurt I thought the nurses were going to have to pull me out the ceiling :yikes:

Anyone else had this type of opp done and how long before the abdominal muscles heal/stop hurting !!! :cryin:

I know I know i just need to MTFU :)
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Don't know about the bone graft, but I broke my pelvis in two places back in '95. Yeah, I felt that one for a while. Oddly enough, it was the problems with my knee and thumb that gave me the most problem. Once the pelvis was stabilized with a titanium place, it wasn't too bad after than.

Of course, I didn't do a lot of moving for a few weeks after that. Take the time you need to heal, don't over do things, and listen to you physical therapist.
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