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Just wanted to throw out this ad for a Coldwater bushwack.
This can be one of the best Santa Ana trails, a looong singletrack descent.
Contact warrior society if interested.

Hello Everyone

The Los Pinos trail work was a great success thanks to everyone who worked it. Even w/o power tools we were able to get almost the entire trail in one day.

Keith and i have been discussing opening up Coldwater so that i can be ridden w/o bushwhacking.

If we can get @ least 6 members to come out and work w/ us then we can do the following:

What: Coldwater Trail maintenence

When Saturday December 17th

Where: Meet @ 7:30 @ the interersection of Indian truck trail and I-15. Get off @ Indian Truck exit and go west torwrds the mountain. The meeting spot is 500 feet west of the intersection, you can't miss it.

Game plan: We will split into 2 crews again. Power Tool crew will work from the top. Keith and the Hand Tool crew will work from the bottom. I will coordinate w/ either Bob Haislett or Reed Price to see if they are available for shuttle service.

Notes: If there is high winds and low humidity and we cannot use power tools then this work will be postponed because this Trail is badly overgrown and makes Los Pinos look like a freeway but after what we accomplished on Los Pinos in one day w/o power tools i believe w/ Power Tools we can open Coldwater Trail in one day.

We need @ least 6 people to attend to even attempt this.
As always i'm buying lunch for all who attend.

keep the rubber side down

Ned Reynolds
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