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The wind was blowing that day, a strong headwind which turned and tossed my front wheel. Dust enveloped the air and turned the sun gold, but as I came up to the reservoir, things were looking up.

The road wound up beside a creek. I stopped to take a look back.

Five minutes away, a strange marvel erupted from the ground. Mysterious minerals that had melded together over the years into this living sculpture.

I stopped and climbed down towards the bank. Cars didn't frequent the road very often, and the stillness of the forest was lulled only by the flow of the water and chirp of a curious bird.

It grew cold, and I only had a t-shirt on. I left, to return on a warmer day. At the reservoir, I looked back to see the misty fog which enveloped the mountains.

Now its a warmer day so it becomes time to step out and ride.
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