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Coil vs. air for a light rider?

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I'm a small woman, topping out at just under 115 pounds. I'm thinking of getting a Transition Syren to take my riding to another level. I'm getting conflicting advice about the suspension I should put on the bike. All my bad a$$ DH gurlfriends say to go with a coil rear shock and fork for the kind of riding I want to do. Transition specs the Fox DHX 5 Coil for the rear and the Fox 36 Vanilla 160 RC2 for the fork. However, my gurlfriends are all in the 140-ish pound range, a fair bit bigger than I am. I am concerned that the suspension will be too stiff and I will end up spending a lot of time and money trying to find the right springs/coils.

Conversely, some knowledgeable guys I know recommend I go with air. They say that at my weight I will still be able to ride hard, take drops and such with good a DH air shock and fork The air fork and shock will be easier and cheaper to adjust to work well for my light weight (I could have it PUSHed to tailor it just to me). Transition specs the Fox DHX 5 Air for the rear and the Fox 36 Float RC2.

What do you all think? I appreciate your advice!
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I've been trying to find the right fork for my girlfriend, and I can say it's not a coil. RS does not make a coil soft enough for her, so we've gone back to an air fork. We've gone through 2 air and one coil fork. She's currently on a 05 Float using the minimum recommended air pressure of 50psi.

We tried a RS Revelation coil and it was too firm, even with the softest spring and thin oil.
An 05 TALAS would not extend the travel back out after she dialed it down. The air pressure was too low and would not extend the fork. So I converted it to a Float, but now she misses adjustable travel.

IMO, if you weight less than 130lbs, you are screwed. PUSH might be able to help tune the forks for a lower weight rider.
you could weigh 90lbs and tune a RS dual air fork for your weight, and it would be spot on.
check the Magura Wotan if you want 160mm fork: -at their manual there's chart with biker's weight 50-59kg(110-124lbs) -> 43-47psi. You can ask their support will it fit to you.
Your best bet is air IMO. The RS forks will adjust to very low pressures for light riders. A Fox air shock will work better for you if get the XV size air can. Also, PUSH can help you even more if you need. Your other option is to just pack a couple of 25lb barbells in your Camelback.:D
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