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Brugui said:
Which is the best coil option for the 6.6? Has anybody tested the Manitou revox? I can get a good price on thet one.Thanks
Can you get that in the correct size?- ie 7.875 x 2.25

From the research I did you have the choice b/n a Cane Creek Double Barrel or a fox DHX. It looks like this year Marzocchi released a version of the rocco that has the correct Eye to eye and stroke but I havnt heard any reviews of the Rocco on a 6.6.

From what I read a stock CCDB with out perform a stock DHX coil but you are paying about 250$ more.
The DHX is said to improve dramaticly after a 200$ Push revalving. As good as the CCDB although the CCBD still has more self-adjustabitity over a greater range of terrain.

I personally went with the CCDB after a friend bolted his onto my 6.6 for a 3 hour ride.
It was such an improvement over my DHX air that I immediately ordered one.
So far its great athough I'm still waiting on the ti spring
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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