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Coil over rear shock on their ETSX?

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Just curious. I am going to build up a 2003 ETSX and have a relatively new 2004 Vanilla coil over (Pro Pedal) from my 2001 Element Race that will fit (I assume I will need new spacers and a beefier spring due to the different frame) but I am wondering if anyone has any experience. I would imagine the right cross country spring weight set for 4" would also be good for 4.5" (squishier) but would be too stiff for 3.5" travel because my shock does not have compression adjustment.

Does anyone have any experience with this type of setup?
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I have...converted to a Vanilla RC

Got tired of having to check pressure settings all the time. That, and pressure varies
according to weather. Noticable when the ambient air temperature varies by as much
as 20 to 30 degrees centigrade.

See my etsx 2002.5

However, with coil it is critical that you are as accurate as possible with the spring rate.
I posted a spring rate calculator on this forum (have been thinking of posting the latest
version). Calculate a spring rate for the 4" position with 1.5 turns of preload. If you
have your riding weight and style correctly entered (weight and bias) the calculated spring
rate will work for both the 3.5 and 4.5 positions with about a 5% decrease and 5% increase
in sag respectively.

Don't overdue the rebound setting, otherwise the shock will tend to pack down. Something
an air shock has less of a tendency to do due to the ramping up of the effective air spring

This may be specific to the Vanilla RC, but I find it works a lot better in the 4.5" setting.
I think this maybe due to the increase leverage ratio and that the RC was designed for
more aggresive freeride type longer travel/higher leverage ratio bikes.

I like the change the conversion has made to the ride characteristics. Unfortunately I
haven't been able to get much riding in this year and was still in the process of fine tuning
spring rates. I have a compliment of different rates from 450# to 600# in 50 increments
with an 700# and 800#. Yea...overkill but each was only $25 from Cambria and my weight
has been known to vary by as much as 30# to 40# (either body mass or protective clothing).
I'm currently bouncing between the 550# and the 600# in the 4.0 and 4.5 positions.

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