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Cohutta Single Speed Questions

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On kinda a whim, I checked the single speed box for the Cohutta 100, guess its time to do some research. How are the climbs, long and sustained, or short but punchy? How are the decents, rocky and or twisty single track like SM100? What gearing do many people run?
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asmallsol said:
What gearing do many people run?
That first singletrack section is AWESOME. Fast, flowing, etc.

The last section is tough with a lot of climbing.

As for chainring size and gearing...


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Hardly any rocks. trails were all machine built. First 20 miles is flowly. One short rock rooty section in the first 20.....Nothing like the SM100 or W101. Then you have the boring 60 miles of gravel roads with some pretty good climbs in it. Just look at the elevation profile. I think the ride has 11,000 feet of climbing and something like 7,000 of it is in the first 50 miles. after mile 50 you have a huge downhill and then bottom out in the valley for maybe 10 miles of flat...... Last 12 miles is a nice climb back to the top...then bomb down some sweet singletrack.......

I ride single speed ...but my gear choice might not be yours.....I would go 32x20........just because of the length of the day....

Then again if the end of the earth opens up like it did last year, then the mud will be ridiculous at the end....have fun!
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I rolled a 32x20 0n a 29er. Between miles 30-49 or so were very hard for me. It took everything I had to stay on the bike at mile 47-49( steep). After that it seemed mostly down hill.
Two years ago I showed up with 51.5 G.I. and that was a bit much. After the halfway point it may appear (by the profile) that the hard part is over but those last two climbs come at time that will test your reserves. Last year's choice of 49 G.I. was ideal for me, I rolled in 15 minutes faster.
For the first timer there, I would recomend something a bit smaller yet.

Here's some more thoughts:
Last year I ran a 33x21. Rained like hell and thought I was gonna die on the mountain as a thunderstorm blew in. Last 15 miles was a mud fest.
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