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Cohutta 100 Info

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I was wondering where people flew into and how they got to the race site, and then where they stayed. I'd like to do it on the cheap, and probably won't be able to rent a car. Any suggestions? Shuttle, taxi, bus info?
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Chattanooga is closest major metro area for your flight. There are a couple of m/hotels in the immediate area (Ducktown, Copper Town, Blue Ridge). I live in Atlanta which is close to the venue so I'm afraid I've never stayed in any of the m/hotels to make a recommendation.
I think it would be very difficult to get there without a car. Atlanta and Chatt are both too far for taxi, bus etc, but it's a nice race. If you can find a cheap flight to ATL and rent a car, there are plenty of places to stay in the area. New Leaf (the folks that put on the race) are very helpful.
Where are you coming from? It might be cheaper and easier with the bike to just drive yourself.
Yea the area is pretty remote so you'll have to get a car for sure. I remember a few guys last year flew into Atlanta and drove up. They said it really wasn't bad. I'll be there for round 2.
I live in ATL and just drive up and camp at Thunder Rock. I know others who get a cabin or motel room, however. If you can get to ATL, I'm sure someone will let you tag along with them so you both save on gas fee (and you save a car hire). I'm sure I'd consider helping ya out like that but like I said, I tend to camp when I can so if you're ok with that, the campground will be full of racers. They have plenty of hot water, fire pits, grills, etc and nice flat sites. It's a good atmosphere. I always have a propane stove for the cooking though, just b/c it's faster for breakfast at 5am :thumbsup:
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