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coffin link for supermoto

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Titus bretheren, that Supermotos are becoming "obsolete" i figured it might be a good time to ask if anyone has an extra coffin link laying around for a supermoto. I have an 05, and currently run it with the 4.5/5.7" link. For the most part i ride it in 4.5" mode (I really like the lower leverage ratio at this setting ~2.25:1). I will probably run the coffin in 6" mode and stay with a low leverage ratio. I am looking to get a zoke for the rear....haven't decided to go coil or air (the roco air for next year look pretty sweet, and that is the way i am leaning, especially now that PUSH is involved in modding the ROCO air's)
so....anyone looking to liquidate a coffin link?
I know Speedgoat has them, but figured i would try here first.
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i've got a whole frame to get ride of. but I do have a spare swinger 4 way.
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