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Merry Christmas All, I may have to visit a doctor today and may be taken out for my Coe ride Saturday. I will post later this afternoon if I can't make it. As to the crash....
I went to Supergo/Performance on the train yesterday. The rain was really coming down. I met a friend there who helped me do some work on my bike in the Chili's parking lot next door.
While in Supergo I saw some cross bikes out of the corner of my eye. So I went back in and slobbered over their collection of Redline cross bikes for awhile. That would turn out to be a fateful decision.
So with my bike fixed up I headed up San Antonio Road, headed for Page Mill Road at 3:45 pm. It wasn't raining as hard but it was still steady and would remain so for the entire climb.
I got to Moody and took off my rain coat, because although it was still coming down, it was pretty warm. It was another fateful waste of time.
Just after the steepest part of Page Mill I heard my watch beep its 5:00 pm signal. I knew I should turn around but I still thought I could make it to Montebello for some reason. This would turn out to be not only a fateful decision but a purely foolish one.
Now it was starting to get cold and windy and it was still raining. Also I had no small ring and the section of Montebello between the gate on Montebello and the gate on Page Mill has some steep sections. So I had to walk a few times which took a few more ticks off the clock.
I don't know what time it was when I finally got to the top of Black Mountain. All I knew was that I was in a hurry, which really was not necessary since it was alreay dark. I fumbled around in my Camel pack and took a couple dry items of clothing out and put the raincoat back on. My gloves were still laying on the ground and I just shoved them in the pack as well since they were soaking wet.
So I headed down Black Mountain in the dark dodging the white spots which were mud puddles. I did ok until I hit the broken section of pavement by the vineyard about a hundred yards from the gate. I felt my front tire scrape against the uneven pavement and I was down without gloves. I blocked my fall with my gloveless hand.
Even though it was dark I could see my right hand was bloody. I started walking my bike to the gate. Then I got out a rag and wiped down my hand. I put the rag between the handlebar and the injured hand and took off down the paved Montebello road.
I quickly realized that trying to get to paved Montebello in the last moments of daylight wasn't necessary as it not as dark as I thought. I was able to descend slowly. It took a long time to get down but it wasn't all that bad.
Anyway I got to my mom's in Cupertino and I have a pretty good gash in my hand that will need medical attention. So I don't know if I can ride tomorrow or not. I will post later when I see what the doc does.
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