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Coda 502M 1 pc crank/chainrings any good?

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Have always wondered if the 1 pc cnc machined crank/chainrings are any good. Neighbor has 1 for sale for $50. Deal or no deal or junk?
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Junk...I had the 701M and they were creaky as hell, needed constant re-torquing and loctite on the 4 bolts that hold the 1 piece chainrings attached to the crank arm.
On top of that the shifting was horrible!
Try to get some old ritchey or xt cranks instead.
No big deal getting parts for those either.
Garbage. Cannondale was unloading them once they pulled the plug on them, for $15 @. So $50 is an insult;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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