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hey all, I'm about to upgrade some parts of my build. How do these sound?

for standard clamp:
Maxm Mx-1 105gr. $66
Syntace F99 107gr $80

How do you guys think this setup would work out, particularily in terms of stiffness, are there any other bars you would recommend? The Easton Ec90 is 5gr lighter, but its also a little more expensive, 2 inches shorter, and not for use with bar ends.... I really think the MX-1 would be a great bar if it is at that real weight and is reasonably stiff....

What options in OS would anyone recommend?

I'm thinking along the lines of:
Ritchey WCS Stem 110gr $65
what bar???

moving on, for seatpost, I am thinking Thomson for bulletproof, zero offset and, good sturdy clamp... Anything in 31.6 perhaps a bit lighter, maybe carbon, but still with a clamp like thomson???

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RaceFace Deus XC 31.8

I just bought a '05 RaceFace Deus XC 31.8 -- actually for my road bike. Was looking for a stiff, oversize & light stem. Seems really nice. They claim 125g; I don't have a scale but it feels lighter than the 150g carbon one I'm replacing b/c it's not stiff enough. It's noticeably stiffer.

I'd get one for my mtn bike but I use a Maverick fork & stem.
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