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To have fun, to race, to sweat, breathe hard, to ride hard, to challenge ones self. This is the anti-race race. Don't kid yourself it's hard, you may crash or puke (or both) but we are down for the fun and camaraderie more than the podium. Well, there is no podium but I think you get the point.

We will be hosting 4 Sunday races in the month of January. Each race will have a meet point at 7am and race at 8am. Most races will be short 1 to 2 hour affairs. Meet points and descriptions of each race will be posted so you know what to expect. If you want you can go check out the courses ahead of time, not that you need to but if your really need to know you can.

This race series is open to all comers. Men, women, kids, we don't discriminate. Come with a smile and leave with a smile (and perhaps an impressive scar.)

Race dates: January 3rd, 10th, 17th, &24th.
(Don't have a bike built? There are usually loaners... come anyway!)

Race #1 The Bunny Hill

Meet point:Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
6401 Platt Avenue
West Hills CA, 91367

January 3rd
7 AM meet time, leave for race @ 8:00 AM

Rules, info, etc. at:

Basic Rules:
Rules for bikes:
Single speed only. No internal geared hubs (sturmey-archer, bendix two speed kick backs etc.) no derailleur of any kind (A chain tensioner is fine but not recommended). No external gearing. No gears. No fixed gear. Each race will be different from the last and you may want a different gear ratio for each race and you can have any gear ratio you wish. We have found that 30-36 in the front and 18-22 in the back is the range best suited for this event, see what works best for you.

Drive system:
The rear hub must be a coaster brake. Single speed coaster brake only. No two-speed kick backs, etc (I know what they look like) Some coaster brakes are better than others, do your homework and get a good one. See below for more info. Cranks of any kind may be used as well as pedals.

Braking system:
Coaster brake only on the rear wheel only. No hand brakes of any kind. No secondary braking system of any kind. No drum brakes, no cables, rods, levers, etc of any kind. You pedal forward to go forward and back to stop. Nothing else.

Preference for old double bar cruisers but there are no frame restrictions. We have found that cruiser frames and lower end frames with a horizontal dropouts work the best. Frames with a rigid dropout are difficult to get proper chain tension. We recommend the following types of bikes:

Single speed mountain bikes
Pros: take new bike goodies well
Cons: Can be costly

Pros: Cheap and look cool too! Already have to correct spacing for a coaster brake.
Cons: Don't take mountain bikes goodies like threadless forks etc. Most have 1 piece cranks. Heavy.

Any 26" bike that has a horizontal drop out.
Pros: Older Mountain bikes are cheap and plentiful and easily adapt to our purpose.
Cons: None really, an ideal choice for this event.


You can have any kind of hoop/tire combo. I suggest a light wheelset that you've laced a coaster brake into. Something rugged is good, I've done each race with cheap alloy cruiser rims, they have held up fine thus far.

Handlebars etc.: Everything else is left up to the individual rider.
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the title of your post says Jan4th, but the detail says the 3rd... I assume it's Sunday and no Monday?
You're absolutely correct. I will change immediately. Time is so elastic!
ridiculous fun today - 27 Racers, no egos, no attitudes just Great FUN!... few spectators out as well... can't wait until next week...

Get a junker and get out there....
Glad to have met you! Yeah - I didn't even finish all my laps and had a great time. For some reason these races seem to bring out the best in everyone involved... or maybe just the best folks. I look forward to next week's out-and-back race.

Photo opp for the leader? Who won?
Rich totally killed it - was well into a ninth (cooldown) lap before anybody showed up to claim second.

We don't make to big a to-do about who wins, until the start of the NEXT race when the fast guys all do a little good-natured smack-talking. Seriously, Rich is on a whole other level than most of the rest of us... he's a real machine. Nice guy, though.
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yeah - there wasn't a big to-do about winning, everyone who entered had so much fun, we all won!

I can't wait to win again this Sunday... if you're interested check the race 2 link and we'll see you there.
RandyBoy said:
Where's Frank Orello?
According to the roster, this is the only Frank that competed:
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