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mmcverry said:
This is a great video! How did you eliminate the shake on the helmet mount? Everytime I put it up top I seem to get the most shake.
Glad you like the video. It's a fast fun ride from mid-way up Mt Tam. Just rode it again last weekend.

I'm using the gopro helmet mount in this video. I try to position the camera as close to where top-dead-center would be since that will have the least amount of motion. Then I tighten it down and mount the camera. I also snug up the helmet tension to be as tight as possible without squeezing my brains, what little is left, out of my skull.

Finally, while riding, I just concentrate on not bouncing my head around too much. And keeping focused on the rider ahead helps. Just make sure they let you know when something really nasty and sudden is coming up.

Otherwise you might end up with a bike like this:

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