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A person -- a lowlife, as it turns out -- who was watching my house took it upon himself to use my bike (an 8-speed [2002?] Specialized Crossroads) when I was away. In doing so he not only managed to break the chain but also threw it away.

I don't know a lot about bikes, so I did the best I could and bought a Shimano HG50 chain with 116 links as a replacement for what I believe was originally a CN-IG31 chain. The replacement "works," but barely -- the chain is constantly slipping and I can't even access several gears.

I read a query here from last year by a guy who also needed a replacement for a CN-IG31 chain, and in response a Shimano HG70 was recommended. So, I checked the specs of this chain (the few I could find on the internet) against the HG50, and from the little I can tell they seem identical.

My questions:

What is the difference(s) between an HG50 and HG70 chain? And if the HG50 doesn't work for me, is there any way that the HG70 could work?

Any ideas?

Thank you for any help in this matter.

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