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Clyde's Juicy Five upgrade - RX or K24?

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I've got an '09 Fuel EX 8 with 185mm Juicy Fives. I can't really complain about these Juicy's, but I would like a firmer brake lever return. The levers' return is a bit soft or mushy. I think I've ruled out Elixir CRs after trying them out, but am considering Formulas, RX or K24. I will likely have to order them sight unseen.

-Do these Formulas have a firm lever return?
-Is either better suited to a 245lb. trail rider?
-Any other considerations?
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Have you tried bleeding the brakes?
maybe the lever feel will improve ( and would be pretty cheap to try before upgrading)

also at 245lb, I would recommend upgrading to a 203mm front rotor, if the forks allow it.
look at any of the hope offerings? i am thinking since you are a big boy maybe v2 front and back or v2 front and m4 rear.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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