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Happy Festivus everyone, I thought I'd check with the clydes to see what they have to say about their wheels.

During the downtime of the winter months I take it upon myself to try and do my major bicycle maintenance as most of you probably do and decided to check the tension on my wheels which I've neglected for the season.

I have 2 sets of wheels:
Wheelset #1:
Mavic F219 rims
DT 14/15/14 spokes
CK ISO Disc hubs
brass nipples
lacing pattern is 3X

Wheelset #2:
Mavic x618 rims
DT 14/15/14 spokes
alloy nipples
Deore XT hubs
Lacing pattern on the rear is 3X
Lacing pattern on the front is radial

Rider weight: 215lbs

My question is about tension. I have a Park Tension Meter (TM-1).

I'm guessing that I have 1.8mm round steel spokes (according to their conversion table); but have been wondering if I have 2.0mm spokes because of the butting. I assume that you go with the weakest link in this case.

On wheelset 1, rear, drive-side I'm getting 155kgf (138kgf on the low side) and the non-drive side 111kgf (89kgf on the low side). I can get the tension with pretty even all around I believe; but is this TOO HIGH??

I think that I've seen a lot of wheels at 111kgf drive side and 72kgf on the non-drive side.

Am I going to start cracking around the eyelets?

I haven't started working on the front wheel; but was going to bring it up to an even 111-124kgf on the non-disc side and 124-138kgf on the disc side.

On Wheelset 2 rear wheel is 111-124kgf on the drive side and 89-99kgf on the non-drive side. The front wheel was much easier and is at 111kgf all around.

I know that park says +/- 20% is acceptable on the forces and that some people can get them within about 5% (harder with this park one; but I don't think I'm worthy of the DT digital version just yet). They also go on to mention that strong rims can go as high as 230kgf.

So what are you guys using for tension?

I've had a history with this since I did this on those week Mavic x517 a long time ago; but these were notoriously weak rims and the reason for me to go for the x618's
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