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There is a Vandal, (Steve, sorry) developmentally
disabled, AAAAHOLE or FAT person who can't negotiate
there way through a simple, simple being that a mere
child of 4! could get through it, entry way into the
Big Laguna riding area at the trail heads (there are
two) at the gazebo on Sunrise. Someone is dicking with
entry ways, bending the fencing away (that keep the
STEAKS safe from cars). At some point somebody will
tell someone else AND THEN, that someone else will
just make a fence! Instead of a way to get in.

It could be a hiker. OR someone who is TOO cool to
dab! Or it could be some militant biker who is
standing up for his right to be an a$$hole. :mad:
Somebody should key his bike. Or his car. Well, maybe
just berate him in public. The guy who rides with him that
doesn't say anything is as much to blame. :mad:

WOW, I'm still just as pissed as when I saw the
terrorist like vandalism this morning.
I hate terrorists! :mad: Especially the ones that hate mountain bikers!

Create no fuel!
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