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For those of you that didnt know there is a new trail that has recently opened up in Jacks Valley called Clear Creek Trail. I have heard a few of my mtb friends talk about it and even Jeff Moser ( post up some pics of the trail.

On Friday, I went with a few from the mtb crew and went for a ride. While the trail is definitely a fun XC trail, I must say that I have not done that much climbing while going downhill before! LOL...

This is going to be a great spring/fall/winter trail due to the fact that the TH on the Jacks Valley side has a lot of what I consider DG (decomposed granite) and there are some sections where you are climbing or descending in this crap and it is 2+" deep across the trail. Since this is a multi-use trail these sections just get torn up by the horses (which there are plenty of tracks) and bikes coming through. Definitely a good "training" area if you want that kind of thing.

After the first couple of miles, you start to get out of the Manzanita's and into the pines and that is when the trail really gets fun, lots of loose over hard, nicely cut single track that weaves in and out of the trees and has a good flow for the most part. There are some areas that have gnarly switchbacks that are definitely done by someone that doesnt normally ride but was trying to keep all users in mind (translation, SUPER tight switchbacks with a decent uphill climb).

As of right now this trail is an out and back but seems that there may be accessibility from the old Clear Creek road which would make this a great trail (out and back) from that side at all times of year. Mainly I am saying that during the hotter months the Jacks Valley side is really to exposed (no shade) to make it really an enjoyable ride any other times than the early mornings or late afternoon/evenings. Since this area is heavily surrounded by sage brush, manzanitas, rocks/boulders, etc you WILL run into a lot of snakes and wild life (so beware). With as little rain/weather we have received this year the trail is definitely going to be loose and as was on Friday, I broke my backend loose multiple times while taking corners (this was in the trees and not going very fast) simply because of how dry the trail is.

All in all it will definitely be a trail I will hit again as there was tons to do on it, the covers sections were incredible for the most part and the scenery was always great.

Attached is my Strava (can't seem to embed for some reason).
Clear creek trail ride on Strava'
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