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Cleaned up my DHR...... (new stickers)

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Hey, im a long time lurker.....finally got my act together to get an account. Some may know me from ridemonkey. Anywasy heres my first post:

Got new sticks for my DHR recently. I had the charcol ones that were getting haggard. I got new ones from tuner but didnt know till i was applying them the color want the same..... it actually came out cool in my opinion. I also hve my own stickers i made at work from black vinyl but there a little bit bigger so i decided to use the ones they sent me...

What do ya think?? (see attachment)

PS, this wont be my last post as im eying the 5spot. I have a head full of questions still. Seems like rather than bugging casey on the phone and e-mails, ill see what the Turner community suggests.


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Good to see you here Damond!!!

I think the bike looks good, although I prefer decals that stand out a tad more ;)
I figured the Ninja stealth guys do black/black so i tried silver/silver. It looks good in person, plys i still have the bold turner on the seatmast. I'd like to have the silver stickers made from reflective material...sorta like the one 5spot i saw posted with it.

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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