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Clavicle dr. recommendation in South Bay

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I'm looking for a South Bay clavicle specialist, in particular with distal fractures. Anyone have any recommendations? I want someone who will take the time to help me understand what I can and can not be doing to a) not completely lose my fitness level and b) heal it as quick as possible. (Coe misses me.) Someone referred me to Dr. Donohue or SOAR (Sports Orthopedic and Rehabilitation). Any others?

It will be nine weeks tomorrow...but who's counting?
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Dr. David Goltz, Mt Tam Orthopedics

The physicians at SOAR are excellent. No doubt about it.

However, Dr. Goltz, the chief orthopedist at Mt Tam General, US Ski Team physician, and avid mountain biker (SC Blur) is one of the Bay Area's best-of-the-best. He and Mt Tam Ortho are also supporters of our sport having underwritten Ridezones, clinics, even instructional video. Great docs, great PT, great people at Mt Tam.
Wow, sorry to hear that you are still having problems with that clavicle.

I don't know about clavicle doctors, but I went to Dr. Gamburd at SOAR for a second opinion on my back, and that is when I was living in Marin. It was well worth it because they were a lot more sports oriented that the orthopedist my doc referred me to.

Get better soon. Hope to see you and Dan some time before the HMB ride.
Perfect. Thanks for the direction. Great to hear SOAR has a good reputation.

Much appreciated!
Since Mt. Tam is not exactly South Bay i might as well throw in my two cents: Dr. Brad Zwalen of Berkeley Orthoredic Medical Group. He reconstructed my shoulder ( clavicle and scapula) and it is better than my other shoulder.
Thanks! I saw a good doc at SOAR yesterday and had a good visit. In addition to being a hawtie, he said I could probably be on my bike in a week. Yay!
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