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Classic Mojo Restoration

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I have finally decided to give my trusty steel Mojo some love. Monday I am dropping it off at Sycip to have them weld on some disc tabs and new hose guides. In a few weeks I will be taking it to MPC - Miller Powder Coating (they do Soulcrafts bikes) to be powder coated. I really struggled with color choice but have finally settled on Guinness Foam. I know, I know not original. Get over it, it's my bike. I really wanted the Guinness Foam for my Mojo carbon but was worried about the longevity of paint on a carbon mtb frame.
Here are some pictures:

In it's previous life as a neglected singlespeed

Here it is in it's current, reinvigorated, version. It's actually seeing some trail time now.

And the obligatory "Made in Sebastopol" sticker shot.

I know it looks clean in these pictures but it's not. The pictures don't show all of the lovingly applied touch up paint, and astute observers will notice the strategically placed crank arm to hide the chewed up chain stay.
I'll post some pictures of the bare frame later once I have it striped.
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That bike is awsome i have an old Independant Fab that i want to redo as a single speed for short xc rides and around town
Thanks. I was in such a hurry to get the frame to Sycip that I didn't get a chance to take any pictures of the bear frame.
I got the frame back from Jeremy at Sycip a couple of weeks ago but have been pretty busy lately. I dropped it off at Miller Powder Coating last Friday.

Here is what it looks like with the new disc tabs and cable guides.

I should get the frame back by Friday. Then I just have to wait for Jeremy to get back from the NAHBS to face the head tube and bottom bracket and for my decal kit to arrive from Scot and I'll be in business.
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Saweeeeeet! I've considered doing this on my ti mojo, but didn't.. I wish I still had my '94 steel Mojo.... such a sweet riding bike! .... looking forward to more pics!
Well I picked up my Mojo from Miller Powder Coating and I'm a little disappointed. Not in their work, they did a fantastic job, but the color is wrong. It's the color I picked, I just picked the wrong color. It was supposed to be Guinness Foam but it came out off white instead. Some times it's hard to get the color right when you are comparing a picture you printed from the web and a 4X6 color sample on a cloudy day under fluorescent lights. If you have ever tried to pick paint you know that the color that looks perfect in the sample book often looks like crap on your walls. The color really doesn't look bad, it's just not the color I wanted and I'm sure it will look better when it is all built up and has the decals and new head badge. Plus the superdust finish in the clear coat looks amazing. I can't wait for the sun to come out so I can get a better look at it and take some better pictures.
Tuesday I am having the head tube and bottom bracket faced and the headset installed. Hopefully the decals will arrive this week and I can build her up.

Sorry about the picture quality, I was in a hurry.

The seat stays look super clean

You can really see the Superdust finish in this shot. It should look awsome in the sunlight.
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Man, stop frettin'
That things looks GREAT!... will be fantastic once the decals and parts are on it.
hi, nice bike! what type of chainguide is that on the last three pictures on the black mojo?

thanks for your answer...
subscribed . This is good stuff . :thumbsup:
It's a Paul Chain Keeper. It works great, haven't dropped my chain since I put it on.
If you don't mind, How much does Sycip charge. for the disc tab and cable guide. Thanks.

I have an old Mojo with handjob and thinking about either turning it into a singlespeed or a commuter.
Jeremy was fantastic. He gave me a great deal at $160 to add the disc tabs, install the cross brace, four cable guides and remove the brake bosses. I don't know if you will be able to hold him to that price. He gave me a pretty good deal. He also did a lot of extra work for me at no charge. My bottom bracket was frozen onto the frame and he took care of that for me. After I had it powder coated he faced my bottom bracket, head tube and installed my headset at a very reasonable charge.
If I was in the market for a new frame I would be ordering it from him.

By the way, I am still waiting for my decals, that is why I haven't posted any new pictures. Also, when I got my frame back I noticed how beat up my fork was so I decided to paint it as well. I just finished and I'll post some pictures when I get a chance.
looking good!!! the welders job is flawless.

I finally started putting her together. Hopefully I'll be able to finish tonight.

Scot didn't have any more of the "Banner" decals so I went with the "Pannel" style for now but I think I like the way it looks and may keep it.

I painted the fork myself. I think it came out pretty nice.

I couldn't help adding a personal touch.
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Can't wait to get it done and out on the trails. Of course the weather has once again taken a turn for the worse.
Seriously tired of all the rain.

Is that a mid-90's frame with the Prestige tubeset? I had one from 93-94 before they went to prestige and slightly longer head tubes....mine was sweet riding and beautiful, but I always wanted one a year or two newer... that first change in tubesets from the "blend" to full prestige dropped a solid pound off the frame!...that was the nicest riding hardtail ever, IMO, even nicer than the ti.

You're making me rethink my decision to NOT convert my ti mojo to disk brakes... unfortunately, I think it would cost 2-3 times what your job did. The paint looks EXCELLENT, and I like those decals better too!

Enjoy it for another 15 years!
It's a '98 Mojo. One of the last ones made in Sebastopol.
It really is a fantastic ride. I originally started using it to ride on bike paths with my daughter (the Mojo Carbon seemed like over kill). Once I started riding it again I was hooked, it's just so much fun to ride.
Well here she is. The sun came out for a few minutes yesterday and I managed to get a few shots before it started to rain again.

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