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clamp for XX shifters

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I currently have matchmaker X clamps on my bike with integrated XX brakes, XX shifters and Xloc on a Reba fork. I'm trying to swap out the brakes for some Juicys and now I'm trying to figure out the clamp situation.

Does anyone know if the matchmaker clamp (not the matchmaker X) is compatible with XX shifters but Juicy brakes? It seems like I might need to have separate clamps for the shifters, brakes and Xloc now. Any thoughts on this? I can't seem to find a good answer. Thanks.
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You can use XX shifters with standard matchmaker (split clamp 2 bolt style). But you won't be able to use the X-Loc for your brake also. You would have to use the Matchmaker and X-Loc clamp. The X-Loc clamp can be used without a brake.
Thanks for the response Bana.

Just to clarify, I can remove the XX lever and then simply leave the gap in the X-loc clamp where the lever was? Or is there hardware I need to fill the gap where the brake came out.

Also, no extra hardware needed to mount XX shifters on the standard matchmaker clamp? The pictures I've seen make it appear as if the mounting bracket is a different shape for the standard matchmaker versus the matchmaker X (but it's a little tough to tell). Thanks again.
Nothing required to fill that gap. I have this configuration on one of my bikes. It uses Code brakes with Matchmaker, X0 shifter, Reverb remote. I'd post a photo if i had any idea how.
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