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CHUMBA is throwing its hat into the Super D world. We believe we have
the perfect bike to compete and help top atheletes succeed in this
field. With our XCL frame - that accepts either a six inch fork such
as a Fox 36, or a 5 inch fork, and can be set up in the rear with a
coil shock, Fox DHX Air, or Fox RP23 - CHUMBA offers the right
equipment to get through the most technical terrain while staying
pedal efficient. We will be attending select Super D races with XCL
frames for demo use specifically configured after hearing your

We want to hear from you - the riders and the racers - on your
comments and feedback from equipment so we can start to prep the

Shoot us an e-mail at [email protected] and answer us these
questions so we can work on putting together the sweetest rides for

1. What type of suspension set up do you prefer, travel for front
shock and rear shock? Coil or air?

2. What type of drivetrain set up do you prefer?

3. Any preference on brakes, wheelsets, or other components?

4. What is the most important characteristics you are looking for in
your Super D bike?

5. Contact info: Name, phone number, e-mail

We would love to hear from you. Thanks!


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Hello, I am looking for a low-bb mid/short travel rear full susser to pair up with my Pike coils. This looks ideal? Key to me is stable-performance through slow technical sections. Im not very good at any sort of speed. I had a Ellsworth ID previously and the high BB made me feel like I was sat 'on' the bike rather than part of.

The reviews on the Commencal Meta 5 also worry me - the flex as I am a heavy rider who spends alot of his time over the rear wheel!

I need a confidence-inspiring frame for a nervous rider to push himself that bit more but with a confident frame.

Could the XCL be what I am looking for?

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I would say it is ideal for what you describe and would suit your pikes well. The lateral stiffness and stout nature of the bike really suit technical stuff well, you certainly won't feel flex!

hora, i see you are in the UK? I am the UK distributor for Chumba in the UK and may have a frame that would interest you, drop me a mail at [email protected]


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