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Another Race and more wins for the Australian Chumba Team

James Maltman again smoked the Elite field as well as entertained the crowd. Entering into the final section of the track James appeared over the bridge jump with only one foot on the pedal and seemingly out of control took the rough inside line that no other rider had taken. This had spectators running back behind the tape. It appeared as though everyone was about to be treated to a spectacular high speed crash but Maltman managed to regain his balance just in time to avoid hitting the ski jump still one-footed, and then was some how still carrying enough speed to be whipping the back out on the final finishing line step-down jump, to a huge cheer from the crowd and another fastest time.

Tony Carson (one of the original GT/Crank NORBA team riders) also attended the race to show the young guys how it's done on his new F5, winning Vet men by over 7 seconds (even though Carson should really be racing Masters now (don't tell the fun police).

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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