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After a long year a nice vacation was in order!

The bikes ready to go:

They arrived safe and sound (Thank you FEDEX!)

Christmas Eve Ride at South Mountain Park:
New AZ friends

South Mountain Park, Phoenix

Some technical sections...

More tech

Some climbing

Christmas Day Solo Ride at South Mountain:

Obligatory bike shot

The waterfall!

Almost finished climbing!

Got cocky on the downhill...Oh but it sure was fun!

The wife enjoying Desert Classic

Time to head to Sedona:

Even the trailhead has a nice view...

Ready to begin the ride

On the Bell Rock trail

Sweet reward!

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Plenty o' riding I see......

...sorry we didn't hook up. The shot of the *waterfall* puts it in perspective as I've never seen a pic (let alone been on it for that matter :eek: ) from that distance.

You got up to Sedona it appears, did you hit Prescott aswell? Looks like you had good weather as my brother was out there the same time. He's dreading the rain bigtime now that they're back here in Norcal.

Shoot me a PM on what all you did/liked @ S Mtn.

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Nice way to spend the holidays. Looks like the weather cooperated big time. Great pics. I''m really diggin' this one. Coming up from Buddha Beach? Or is it on the way up to Chicken Point? Judging from the pictures that follow in sequence I'd say the former, but could be the latter.


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Fantastic shots, your terrain is so different to New Zealand, am going to get a taste of some of that terrain this year, have it set in the diary. Am moving to Spain for work, we are setting a trip up with my riding buddies from New Zealand to ride in that there sort of terrain.

All good

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Wow really great pics. Really makes me want to head out west for a lil MTB fun. Keep em coming if you have more.
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