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Christmas Morning ride

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due to a bunch of sleepy heads in our household, there was only one thing to do given the sun was out, and it was dry, and I hadn't ridden for about 3 weeks.

The trails I ride are deep forest ones so shots ar extremely few, and this is the only viewpoint; looking SW from about 300 metres up (~1,000' for you Merricans), downtown Vancouver in the middle with Mt. Baker in WA state in the background. The pics never do justice to the real beauty, and my photography skills are not the greatest.

Hope everyone had an excellent Christmas, and hey! I see that soon it'll be OK to fall off your bikes and then get health coverage to repair the damage! Outstanding.



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I went for a short road ride as we had a lightning storm on Christmas Eve (only about the 2nd or 3rd day of rain this winter here in the Gulf, but it leaves the trails all clogged up for a few days: once the desert sand turns to clay/mud it doesn't dry out for a while).

Even with the best camera skills in the world there isn't much to take pictures of on the route I took! But a few days before we had a group ride to this place - a former film set...


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Yes, real health insurance for 30 million additional people hopefully.
Love those Christmas rides.
AWESOME pic of the hills by Vancouver
Merry belated Christmas, Jim! What a beautiful day you had on Bowen Island (nice pic). We were socked in with fog for days up the Sunshine Coast.
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