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Christmas favor

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I just need someone to do some trail recon for me in Pisgah. It's not a big deal, really - you just have to travel throughout Pisgah and find me the most rideable trails over the next 4-5 days.

Great. Thanks, in advance.
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I wish I could help you out with this one. I'll be spending the next week suffering through a vacation in Cancun. I'll be happy to check out some of the local trails while on vacation.:thumbsup:
send a PM to santa, I heard he rode everything last night ;)
I don't think there is a dry trail within 200 miles of here.
Judging by the mess of slop and slush in my backyard, There are no trails worth riding in Pisgah. I've never seen the ground this wet. To top it off, my basement has flooded!
And to make things even worse.........there's ALOT of trees down on the trails, we'll be digging out of this one for a very long time. :madman:
Oh sheat, David! Do we need to come over and help drink your beer before it goes bad?
are you guys serious? I would have never thought most of those trails could get too wet.
gatman said:
are you guys serious? I would have never thought most of those trails could get too wet.
15" of melting snow + 2" of rain = big mess:mad:
"It's too thick to navigate, and it's too thin to plow"

Good time to catch up on the Honey-Do's or procrastinated projects.
I guess I will have to rethink my drive on Wed. then.
Paris Mountain in Greenvegas is bone dry. You will be impressed with the trails there.
Still, really? I thought Pisgah was pretty much a rain forest, always wet. Surely by Mon/Tues there would be some higher elevation trails as firm as they typically
Yes still, the ground is very wet from a normal amount of rain and at the higher elevations there's still snow on the ground. It melts some during the day and then refreezes at night. In the winter the drying comes from very dry blowing air and some evaporation on sunny days. We've had nights cold enough to keep the water frozen, higher than normal humidty, and very few sunny days since the snow 10 days ago.

With the slow melt of the snow it's like we've had 10 straight days of moderate to heavy rain....
Current conditions out my backyard. I'm in the cane creek valley at roughly 2,000 feet.

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I rode today all singletrack and the trails are fine - this is what mtn biking is all about.
Rode at Dairy Ridge in Spartanburg this afternoon. A few mud holes, but mostly dry.
How far is dairy ridge from Asheville ? How many miles there??
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