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Today (12/24) I had a great ride at Annadel, CA with UncleMTB, Kip, 8Trak, Dan'ger, Pimpbot, Crashmaster, Minimae, Baycat, Plim, and GuruAtma. It had rained all week but the skies were blue and the temperature was perhaps 65 degrees. Despite all the rain the trails were in pretty good shape. There were quite a few streams and puddles, but not that much mud. My Stumpjumper is in the shop so this was the first extended ride on my Epic in over seven months. I was a bit apprehensive and even though it is a bit small for me I got used to it after about an hour. I had forgotten how well it climbs. However, while removing it from my truck I discovered a kink in the rear derailleur cable and Kip did his best to straighten it. But for the first 20 miles I only had about half the rear cogs. After that the mud or something rendered the whole rear derailleur useless so I finished the last 11 miles or so as a three speeder, using just the front derailleur.

We started on the usual 25 miler slowpoke ride but on the way back after about 20 miles people began peeling off at various points, allegedly for burritos at Lepe's. 8Track, Plim and UncleMTB finished the 25 miler with me, and then 8Track and Plim accompanied me back up for the six mile bonus loop. Nobody seemed to want to do the stream crossing for the photos below so I went across the stream three times to get them in the mood. 8Track has been playing on that big rock for the past few rides and today he easily rode it three times without any spotters. Dan'ger has become quite the expert at jumping the rail at the bottom of Lawndale. Even though the photo is out of focus I wanted to include it. Sorry I don't have photos of some of the folks but everybody was ahead of me most of the time. Great ride everybody and happy Festivus!

More photos are buried in this thread.

Kip, 8Trak and Plim getting ready

At the beer bench on South Burma

Dan'ger jumping the rail at the bottom of Lawndale

Crashmaster crossing the stream on Schultz

Minimae crossing the stream on Schultz

Pimpbot crossing the stream on Schultz

Bench at top of Schultz, new daddy GuruAtma on the left

8Trak and Plim with his "nuclear orange" shirt

Dan'ger and UncleMTB on North Burma

Pimpbot on North Burma

8Trak on the boulder

Yes, he made it three times

8Trak and Plim after 31 miles

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baycat said:
sweet pics, like Dan'gers, and gotta love nuc-lear orange. Great ride thanks steve and the rest. After 25 miles I was in need of a burrito... :D
Looks like fun other than going up hill. Baycat was ready for burrito after 25 miles, i would have been D.O.M.T. dead on middle of trail long beffor that :D

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The climbs at Anadelle are as fun as the decents... almost. Lots of lines that have to be carefully picked and threaded, well timed power and brakes to get up, that kinda thing. Good stuff.

I had a blast, even though my feet were soaked to the bone in sandy mud. My skin was a bit raw at the end of it all. Good thing it was in the 60s or my feet would have frozen.

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At risk of being called a jerk...

Looks like lots of fun. Also looks mighty muddy. I'd be crucified for riding in those conditions here. Oh, the trail work to fix the ruts. But enough scrooging, glad you enjoyed.
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