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Some days it just doesn't get any better than to ride a bike at one of my favorite local places. Yes you guessed it, its Henry Coe! A great part about this is that we got to ride in the dead of winter on Christmas Eve day with the temperature around 70 degrees. Oh how I loved this ride and the weather us folks have around here. My buddies jorgemonkey (as much of you know by now) and my other bud troy went out just for a "hanging out together friends ride."

We started at hunting hollow around 10 am then rode up to the gate to begin our death climb up lyman-wilson. The trail was tacky in some places, had some mud slipping in others and pretty dry up at the top. In a few places we had to hike our bikes just cause it was too slippery. I actually fell hiking up, but thats beside the point. So at the end of lyman, we TRIED going up steer ridge, on our bikes, but that didn't last too long as it is soo flipping steep so we ended up hiking that part too. That trail was a lot more wet and muddy than the others we went on. So we got to the top and took a break for some pictures. The sky was bright blue and so clear that we could see the snow-capped sierras far far off in the distance. It was a pretty awesome sight.

We then headed over to the severe DH using some fire road and single track. When we got to the DH we stopped then hooked up our helmet camera. It was well worth it as we got a great looking crash by me on the video. The DH was fast and moist which was perfect for a finish to our ride. Jorge and troy took the lead cause they are a little faster than I am. In the middle we stopped to a rock that jorge was going to jump off of but he opted not too this time. After that we flew down all the way to the bottom (although we had to stop to go through the gate). So the bottom was in sight and I got stuck in a rut and was trying to get out of it when I totally went OTB. I slid about 10 feet before I stopped and got all cut scrapped up on my left arm. It looks sweet though. And we got it all on film. he he

After a few more creek crossings, which were full with water we made it back to our car. Normally we don't get this great weather this late in the season, but it was beautiful out. Couldn't have gotten any better. What a great ride!!!! Ok enough on the stories, here are some pictures:

1. Just about to start Lyman-Wilson
2. Walking up The Wall aka lyman
3. Out of breath on lyman
4. Seeing the greener side of Coe
5. Three studs on top of steep ridge

P.S. Jorge will probably post up some ride details, cause I don't have them


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Have you tried riding up the the dirt roads and down the single track? Until I moved out of the area two years ago I rode that area a about once a month. I always parked near the bridge at the end of the road and rode up to the top on the dirt road. Awesome views your so right. In some areas you could see the Sierra in the east and look west and see the Pacific. Neat!
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