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Does anybody have one they'd like to sell? I've chewed up my aluminum shell and thought I'd better go to the heavier but longer lasting steel. Please PM me if you have one you'd like to part with.


the Sram cassettes are CRAP!!!!!

i rode for one weekend on a sram cassette because the LBS didn't have any spacers to make my XT cassette fit the King FWB (Freewheel Body). in one ride the sram cassette started eating away at the FWB. (yes the cassette was tightened properly). the [email protected]$$ at the LBS said that it is completely normal to have the cassette eat the FWB and to ignore it. (i could just hear the CHA-CHING going off in his head)

i found a fix so that a good cassette (XT or XTR) can be used on the AL King FWB. here goes...

the last cog (11T in my case) has grooves on the inside that correspond with the teeth on the FWB. these grooves are a bit too shallow and they bottom out on the FWB teeth before the cassette is tight. the lockring is tight and the result is a tight 11T cog and the rest of the cassette is loose. if you take a dremel tool and a cutoff wheel and grind an angle on the ends of those slots/grooves in the 11T cog then it will sit farther down on the FWB and allow the cassete to be tightened properly.

if pictures are necessary i will try and post them tonight.

hope this helps everyone! :)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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