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Chris King 142x12mm ISO Singlespeed Hub Axle (PHB591)

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Looking for Chris King 142x12mm ISO Singlespeed Hub Axle, part number PHB591
PM me if you have one to sell. Thanks!
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Kindly contact Stephen,he has for sale in good condition Here’s his email [email protected]
Seems fishy...

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I could be wrong, but new member, 1 post, and putting in a random email...
"Kindly" send me money.

I wouldn't do it, maybe I'm paranoid.

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I posted this same wanted ad on a few forums last month. You guys wouldn't believe how many offers I got from scammers. It's always the same: newly registered member knows someone who has the component I am looking for. Kindly contact etc. They are friendly and responsive, just like this one here ⬆
I talked to some of them. Paypal only with "friends and family" option. Some of them even sent me photos of some similar item, clearly stolen from pinterest. I am not active in forums, I only registered because of the axle. I did'n expect the situation to be this bad!

BTW miraculously, after sending out three dozen emails to distributors, I found the axle, NOS. Probably the last one out there.
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