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Sunday May 25th @ Noon


Atomic Cycles
17322 Saticoy
Van Nuys, CA 91406

Choppercabras is a bicycle club that formed around making custom choppers, stretch cruisers and the like. The rides are focused on fun, anyone is welcome, you don't have to have a custom bike, vintage bike, just a bike, any will do. Of course part of the fun is all the cool bikes that you get to see at these events!

We start at noon. Being late means you miss out.

Dress up. Dress up. You're still "cool" even in costume. This is an easy one.

We do events, this time around we have "Elvis relay race, little to big to little bike race, and the demo derby.

The events involve a lot of physical contact, lots. You may get hurt, count on it. Participate if you want, or watch, but do one or the other. Interfering with the events makes it less fun for everyone involved, don't be that person.

After the events we do a leisurely paced ride that starts and stops at the shop. Stay to the right and be nice, we're out there to have fun. The ride will 5-10 miles long, you won't feel the distance in a group ride. We go slow.

Then I feed you. Yes, for free.

Be respectful of the neighborhood, throw your trash in the proper receptacle, be child-like not childish.

Yes, all for free.

You can click on this link for zounds of old pictures just so you get the idea:[email protected]/sets/72157637244760026/

or check out this you tube video:

Tell your friends! See you then!
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