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Who is more annoying, Kirsten or Al?

  • Kirsten Gum

    Votes: 3 37.5%
  • Al Trautwig

    Votes: 5 62.5%
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Last year Kirsten Gum was sitting at the table with Bob Roll. This year its Al Trautwig.

Some thought Kirsten was dumb to cycling. Others didn't mind her, they thought she brought some sex appeal to the OLN table.

I have found Al to be just as bad if not worse than Kirsten, with his crippled anecdotes and poorly conceived, santorum-ish intermissions before commercial break.

I'd appreciate your vote, and to help you decide here are some pros and cons of both:

Pros: Easy on the eyes; decent speaker.
Cons: Not too familiar with cycling, decent speaking.

Pros: Familiar with cycling; good speaker.
Cons: Not easy on the eyes; bad speaking.

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Yeah, he's a freak

jrm said:
And rubbing carmicheals belly...sometimes i really wonder if he's been into the patch glue again...
Can he be any more animated with his hands? I mean, c'mon now, he's probably burning more calories than the racers with all that hyper hand motion he's got going on. SIT STILL DAMNIT!!!

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