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choice on a shock

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so i was thinking about getting a 05 Marzocchi Dirt Jumper 3 for about $190 or i saw a 2005 Manitou Nixon Comp for $200, which would be better for a dj/street bike? i know that dj will have shorter travel but i have also heard that they are heavy as $hit. were as the nixon is suposed to be only 4.5lbs both will be 20mm threw
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The DJ is heavy as crap. Forget that. The Nixon is a decent fork, very easy to work with the internals to get it just the way you want. Look for a o3 Sherman Firefly with TPC+ dampening, or any TPC/TPC+ Sherman. You can reduce the travel and it's a sweet urban fork. The new Gold Label is nice too. If you can stretch your budget a bit, look for a 2005 Pike or a used one.
Listen to this guy.
I see a lot of Pikes out there. Is it a better option that the Gold label or just more flexible?
Pikes don't come in white Aaron........
I know, if they did I'd have already bought one. ;)
Check yo email!
I like the Pike because it's super versatile, stiff, and durable. The weight is fairly reasonable too.

The Gold Label II weighs in at 4.6 pounds with full length steerer and axle.
Another thing to DEFINATELY consider is a lowered Marzocchi Z1. I just got my lowered 2005 Z1 FR 3 for $160 used. It's at 80mm of travel now, but I may lower it to 65 later. It's 20mm.

If you wanna run QR, go for a Marzocchi MX Comp. Cheap, light, and low.
Isn't that z1 heavy as a mug? Hard to argue with that price though regardless.
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