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Chinese Fakery, and/or getting a new bike, or both

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Hi, new around here. I live in China, and am able to get XT groups (disc) for approx. $600. I recently got into biking, and have built up an XTC Team bike (not many people outside of Taiwan have seen the frame, but it's pretty sweet), with a Fox FRL 80mm fork, and Deore (disc) components. I'm thinking about upgrading to the XT groupset, but am also thinking about buying either an NRS frameset, or an Anthem frameset as I'll be moving to Bolivia next year where there will hopefully be something less flat (Andes anyone?). Anyhow, the question is this: should I upgrade the components and just buy an NRS or Anthem frameset and switch, or should I just try to sell my bike (or just the frame) and buy a whole new one?
I dunno, I guess since I'm new, I'm going through a fast learning curve on bikes: at first I wanted a hardtail 21 inch, now I'm on a 19 inch hardtail, and I'm beginning to think that I want to move to a full suspension due to the fact that I really like to push hard over obsticals, love to jump off/on to things, etc, etc...Anyhow, I'm willing to spend the money, but it's difficult with little experience. Any thoughts?
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