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Chinese Carbon Rigid Fork (29er) short term review

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I recently purchased one of the White Brothers knock-offs from Ebay for $150 new. This is my first rigid build so I can't compare it other rigid forks, but I do ride quite a bit so have been able to put it through the ringer. The fork has a full carbon steer tube and weighed 730 grams on my scale before I cut the steer tube. So far it's survived chunky rock gardens at speed and several 3ft drops to flat concrete on urban rides (I had to make sure I could trust it). I weigh about 170 geared up. I have it mounted on a Salsa Mamasita rigid singlespeed (my old race frame). I was skeptical of the thing, but it was so cheap compared to other full carbon forks that I couldn't resist. I thought some of you may appreciate a quick review. I'll try and get some pics posted of the build later tonight.

Light weight
Looks great
Dampens vibrations (compared to a Surly steel fork I briefly used)

IS mount disc tabs (this was actually a good thing for me because I have the older Hope Minis mounted). Most will want post mount or else will have to buy an adapter.
I can see the fork flex when braking hard (I'd imagine this is normal, but am not sure).
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