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How do.

I've bought 2 frames and now 2 sets of wheels from Chinese sellers over the last 4 years and never had a single issue, until now.

The seller i used for these wheels was carbonspeedcycle and I paid through eBay.

The first problem was that the front wheel was not even close to true with some clearly loose spokes.

The main issue though is the damaged rear rim. It seems as though in a very localised place the carbon has started to splinter away. This is located on the inner edge of the hook(?) exactly where the bead of the tyre would sit when fully inflated.

I do not feel confident in putting tyres on and riding these wheels till' it's been properly assessed and likely repaired (perhaps a super thin layer of epoxy would sort it?) but what do you think?

The 2nd pic shows the exact location.


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I wouldn't even mess with it contact the seller A.S.A.P and send them back.
Then order a set of Light Bicycle rims.
Good Luck.
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