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Wanted to get one last FIFO in for the year. Threw out a "hollar" to the boyz and had a couple of takers (suckers!). It was myself, Dano, and PBR me!. Conditions at 5am were about 25 degrees with a slight wind. Trail was mostly rideable with a nice single track of semi packed podwer. With it being as cold as it has been, the snow has been stomped down but hasn't really packed down. The trail is about 12" wide with the only rideable area being the inner 6". Talk about a core body workout! You are making hundreds of small body movements / flinches/ grunts trying to maintain your balance on what seems like a tight wire while at the same time trying to create enough energy to power thru the mucky areas. Really lets you know you are alive!

Really sucked, right out of the gate I rode up the first hill outof the parking area and was sucking wind like crazy and wanted to keep rolling to settle my breathing down. Dano and PBR me! seemed to be having problems behind me. PBR me! had his tesioner brake on him not more than 50 yards into the ride. Talk about a buzz kill. Really felt bad as he turned his bike around and headed back to his truck. Me and Dano forged on. Made it up over the second road crossing with minimal 'hike-a-biking". Just made it to about the 3/4 mark where there is a large flat spot. Right here is where the trail seemed less travelled, getting steeper and more difficult to ride. Decided to turn it around and head dowhill. Woo Hoo! Trail was very fun on the way down, my teeth kept freezing from smiling so much. Here is the one picture I took at the turn around point -

I would just like to say THANKS to all of my riding buddies for making this year a very memoreable one. It has also been great to meet so many new people this year. The front range biking community is full of amazing people!

See you next year :thumbsup:

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Felt good to wake up early and get out in the cold air! Just wish it would have lasted longer! Kinda like .........well never mind i'm sure you get the point!!

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Fugg! 2nd one of these i've broke. I usually carry an extra but not today!

Good seein you guys if only for a little bit! Maybe catch you on the BD ride tomorrow!

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Excited to have my ss back in CO. Been out once since I flew it back from Pennsyltucky...I did get a couple of snow rides in while I was there.

FYI - if you fly SW airlines, you can check 2 bags free. The dimensions are: height+length+width must = 62" or less and no more than 50 lbs. This means that if you get a small bike box, it ships free, insured to $3200. Fed Ex and UPS both wanted around $140.

Good stuff and they have great customer service from what I've experienced.


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bad andy! said:
Thanks for the FIFOs Scar, hope to make them a more consistent part of my riding in '10.
Too bad about the soon to be 41 year old's broken part.
Youngsters these days are too hardcore!

PBR, I got an extra of those pieces if ya need it ASAP.
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