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Chilly Willy!

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Nice pictures, got to love California. Hope it all does not melt on the peak so I can check it out Friday.
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Pix from yesterday.
Sunny and cold at the bottom, cloudy and cold at the top.
A two glove ride fo sure!
After we went for a surf @ OB.Even colder and more fun!!!!


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The surf pix

If anyone cares.


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Just got down the mountain and unfortunately... It's gone. Just icy in spots.
I have feeling there will be more this season though.
Stay warm all.
Nice surf pix too, that right off from the Cliff House. Saw someone surfing/body boarding off of the Sutro Baths a few weeks ago during a low tide as they just seem to walk out there.

Catch others even out at Lands End.
Yep .

baycat said:
Nice surf pix too, that right off from the Cliff House.

This is called Kelly's Cove.


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oops - I thought this post might be related to the 'chilly feet' thread =)

cool pics!
Great pics!Don't know whether I need a snow fix or a ocean fix worse!Thanks for sharing!
[Qoute Spokeman]Nice Pics! Thanks for posting those shots![/QUOTE]

No Problem :thumbsup:
I care. :thumbsup: But I'm car less and I need a new wetsuit so surfing's been replaced by mountain biking these last few years. Did you get any pics from a few weeks ago? Saw what looked like 20 foot waves roll over the outer bars. Mavericks was in perfect form as well.
Nice Pics! Looks like the surf was fun, it was much smaller in Santa Cruz yesterday, today is about flat. Thanks for posting those shots!
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