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Chicken Tender on a Atomlab Trailking

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Donny just built up his new Trailking frame. He has Trailking pedals and is saving for Pimplite wheels with ti spokes.
He said it feels great and he started blasting big airs in the park on the first day.

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nice:thumbsup: how do u like your trailking? I'm thinking about getting a used does the geo feel? The top tube seems kinda long at 22.8..does it feel long? I'm ~6 ft tall, is the frame the right size for me?
And do you know if the headtube angle is 69 degrees with a 100mm dj fork or a 80m dj fork?
that park looks tons of fun. where is that?
I rode one of those at the park last weekend...super fun. Although the dude who let me borrow his wasn't slaying it quite as hard as Mr. Tender here.

Also, x2 on that park looking awesome to ride in.
Donny and I have the Trailkings. He is running a 100mm fork and I have the 80.
The proper setup is the 80mm. The bike has a very short rear and makes up for that in the toptube. The BB is also a little higher than most. It truly feels more like a BMX bike than any other 26 inch wheeled bike I have ever been on. The Trailking is super strong and not too heavy. The 3 inch rise in the bars works well with the 80mm fork to fit anyone looking to ride street, park or DJ
I also freeride and use a 25 / 13 SS
another thumbs up for the trailking. I just got mine about a month ago and have nothing but good things to say. It is a sturdy confidence inspiring bike. My only suggestion is to make sure to run 3" rise bars, I would not reccomend going any shorter.
yeah it seems like a nice ride...

why not go with shorter bars?
i'm liking the shorter bars on my fully,
and trials riders seem to do good with shorter bars...
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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