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Chest Protection

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Hey I am wondering about chest protection. Took a nice fall the other day and am thinking that I would like a layer of foam between me and the ground. I am looking at the 661 Assult Presure suite and the 661 Straight Jacket. Please let me know if you have had good/bad experience with these. other suggestions would be good, rather tight budget.


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Check out the ROCKGARDN Flak Jacket. Awesome protection, durability, comfort, fit and customer service, all at a great price. The 66* stuff is OK at best and they have had allot of durability and fitment issues. Click the picture for more details on the Flak Jacket...
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Agree with RockGardn

I also use a Rock Gardn Flak jacket and it is phenomenal. I thought it would be too hot, but it actually breathes okay. It's not as cool as the sleeveless roost protectors, but those are more designed for protection from debris rather than protection from falls. You should check with them for sizing - the customer service is great. I have a few friends who ordered Flak jackets and they run a little big. I'm 5'10" 170 and my large Flak jacket is a little big. A medium would probably fit me better.
i have a full top suit, the pressure suit and mine works great. i bought it right before i went to northstar and fell about 10 times minimum on some of the rock gardens and i couldn't feel it at all. my experience with the pressure suit has been good. also i've heard that rockgardn and 661 suits are made by the same people. may have heard this wrong or something, but mine is fine. just in case you want 661 stuff the assault or pressure suit you can get it for cheap at it's like 119 for the pressure suit and 80 or something for the assault. i think they may only have sizes medium and up in both though. just for perspective mine is a small and i am 5'. it is a little roomy, the slightest bit, but works fine. good luck.
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