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Cherry Creek bike path conditions?

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Anyone know the condition of the bike path from the REI flagship store at Confluence to about University Blvd.? I'm wanting to commute to work tomorrow morning without going boom.

Skared - please don't tell to haul ars to the roadie forum as I am just a commuter! :)

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I'm planning the same but coming from up North at 104th. You should be good as it's mostly a straight shot except where the bikers & pedestrian trails converge/diverge.

FWIW, I "won" some Nokian A10's on ebay for ~$50 including shipping...
FWIW, Platte River trail is mostly clear from 104th through to Confluence park. small patches of ice from snow melt. "worst" areas are just south of I-70 to ~20th street.

Cherry Creek path is good right up until the country club. There is a small section of the sidewalk that runs along 1st/Alameda/Speer (whatever road that is) that is clear. East of the mall, there are quite a few sections that don't seem like they have seen sun yet; specifically the underpasses.

Just ride smart and you should be fine.
It's fine, rode it three days this week with slicks. You might have to slow down on some of the turns but other than that it's great.
Expand to Bear Creek Trail?

I assume no problem to ride from downtown to Bear Creek park?
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