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Does anyone have more info on this company, or the bikes? Is it rare or somethin? i know the company went out of business a few years ago, but i cant seem to find anything about em. I bought this frame off ebay in like 2005, and built it from the ground up. Its a bmx cruiser.

Also, i have been thinking about trying to put discs on this bike, but it does not have tabs. would the AZ2 adapter fit on it? i guess without seeing it in person i have a hard time picturing how it attaches to the frame.

here are the specs.

Frame: 2000 Cheeta Team Cruiser
Bars: Fly Racing Donny Robinson
Brakes: Avid Black Ops Ultimate
Brakes lever: standard Tektro
Rims: Sun Ringle x2.5
Hubs: Redline Cassette
Cranks: Profile 180mm
Fork: RNC titanium
Headset: Chris King
BB: Profile
Seatpost: Kore aluminum
Tires: Maxxis Hookworm 24x2.5
Sprocket: Haro Nuke
Pedals: Sun Ringle sealed
Stem: Crupi
Seat: Haro Mirra landing pad

has a bunch of upgraded ti bolts and carbon stuff also

Sorry i didnt really know which forum this should go in, so i thought general would work.


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Cheeta's were nice bikes. I think they went out of business somewhere near 2001. You should post this question over on VintageBMX. You will get more than you ever wanted to know about anything related to Cheeta.
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