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Bicycle Outfitter at Los Altos ended up being the only one that still had a GX Eagle rear derailleur. It is completely out at all major online retailers, and the couple left available on Ebay are going for WAY above MSRP and people are bidding still. After calling shops all over the country and dealing with websites that don't update inventories, I was fully surprised to find what I need right here from a local bike shop. Very grateful for the existence of LBS for the first time in a very long time. I gladly paid full MSRP as though scoring a discount code online.

Is been a very long time since I have been at Bicycle Outfitter. They actually have many bikes in stock. About a handful of Levo and two Supercalibers. I am again surprised, in the world of Trek Superstores and Specialized Retail stores, there is a shop that carried both and sizing available on the nice and clean showroom floor at this age and time of shortage is just amazing.

You made my day.

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