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Checking this off the list...ride in a hail storm!

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Went out for a quick spin at the White Tanks. Original plan was to ride the Goat but the sky gods insisted that may not be a good idea so we hit the competitive loops instead. Great weather and temp with a little bit of a headwind at first. Got to the tech loop and headed towards the "backdrop" (this is where you hit the switchback climb and chunky desent, if someone else has a better name for this section of trail let me know) We stopped at the saddle to catch our breath when we realized there was no time because the "nothing" (Neverending Story reference) was coming for us. As soon as we came around the backside of the hill....bam!....hail storm and a 10-15deg weather drop. The initial shock was painful with some of the hail coming in close to dime size but after a little while we realized how cool it was and we finished the ride getting pelted. Here are the few quick snaps we got before having to haul tail out. Funny thing was, when we rode past the looked like it hadn't even rained over there.


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good thing you avoided the lightning....I saw quite a show off towards SoMo a few hrs ago as I was driving on our wonderful freeways full of responsible drivers.
Maadjurguer said:
good thing you avoided the lightning.....
Just barely. We were loading the bikes when we got to see a bolt go from left to right. Never saw it go up or down. Good times!

Keep us updated on the east side trail conditions after the rain. Man I love super tacky days! (especially when I am not working)
Awesome! I love being out in the elements in the desert.
That didnt look to bad. I was driving to fountain hills right when it hit. It hit hard and fast. Hail was sick tho!
When I left home for Dreamy Draw it was hailing, and had been raining hard soon before that. I thought I was in for some fun muck but it was hardly wet out there, never saw another bike and only saw two hikers.
Winter storms in the desert are amazing. Some of the most beautiful times I have ever ridden my bike are at Hawes when the cloud cover is low enough to cover the microwave towers. If it's cold enough to see your own breath it's even that much better.:thumbsup:
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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