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Hello fellow Turner riders.
I have just started to explore mtbr and these forums, and would like to say they are very informative.
Just reading everyones expieriences makes me want to go and RIDE!
Anyway I was just looking for thoughts and opinions on my set- up and if anyone had any ideas on how to make my ride better -{I don't even know if it needs to}Just looking for others thoughts.
Me-5'6 160
Bike-small 6-pac-36 talas - dhx coil,500x2.35, Thompson x4 70mm stem(too short I think) Mavic 819XM wheelset , King hubs and head, Easton bars,Sram shifts and DR's.
Everything has worked well but somtimes I wonder if I should have gotten a Med. instead.
I demoed both a sm. and a med. and I felt at the time the small would serve me better cause I knew I would be riding it more cc than down but....
Now that I've ridden it for 9 months I feel mabey a med. would ride better, different ,I don't know.
I have no other reference because before this bike, I rode a Superlite, But I rode it like a Freeride bike, Ya know cross and down, until I beat it to death and decided I needed a little mo bike.
So this 6-pak feels great going up, nice feel in the cockpit for those lovely 10-11 mile climbs up Mt. Tam, but sometimes a little squirly comin down, like the bike might be a tad small.
Other times I feel like I haven't got the fork/shock set up right.
Most times it's like butta.
Whatever it is or isn't I know this bike rides and performs better than my buds Ells.
and that Turner is way better than SC at customer service.
I'm not sure I have the shock set right because when I turn the Pro Pedal I don't notice much difference.
And as far as the Talas is concerned -to get proper sag (20 %?) All I needed was about 45psi- Is that enough? Is a 500x2.35 spring in the back right?
Your thoughts, ideas, opinions, would be helpfull.
I know I rambled - I'll learn. I just want to ride the best I can with what i've got.I love this bike and man I wish I could hook up and geek out with all youse homers in Moab. **** that sounds like fun!!!!

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FWIW, I'm 5'11" and ride a medium, which has all the same critical dimensions as my old large Bullit. The bike fits me perfectly. It's certainly not optimized for super steep climbs, I've got other bikes for that, but I've climbed it 5000' in a day without any trouble.

I also use a 45mm DH stem.

I'm around 160lbs, maybe 165, and I've got a 500 spring as well that give me ~31% sag which is what I was shooting for.

For max plushness and control I run BO full open, PP full open, and around 130 psi air. I still get next to zero bob, and I don't think it bottoms out despite quite a bit of hucking.

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I think I'm about the same size, maybe slightly longer. (around 172/173cm) Also got a small pack with 70mm Thomson and Easton bars. Bought it to get a one bike. The size felt really good for downhill and "northshore" type freeriding. Have had a medium Bullit before that always felt slightly long in the steep, technical stuff.

This year I got a dedicated DH rig, again, so the pack has mostly been used for trail riding. Got a 90mm stem to try. Feels ok, but I only have a couple of rides on it yet. I think I prefer the steering geometry with the 70mm, but it's a compromise, I guess.

Anyone wanna trade a meium(?) 5spot? Hehe.. :p

not so super...
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It seems that most Pack owners are running a 70 or 90mm stem with a few 100's thrown in there. I'm 5'7" and run a 90x5 on my small Pack.

Try a new stem and report back
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