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Check out what my wife bought me ;)

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I went out for a short road ride after work and when I got back a 09 Specialized Epic Expert Carbon frameset was hanging on my repair stand with a note that said "Happy father's day/birthday" ….

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Unfortunately, that was on a Thursday and the next day we were heading to the 24hrs of Big Bear so I didn't have time to build it up for the big race. But once I got home I started robbing parts of my old ride and built it up.

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Right now it is at 24.2lbs. Once I swap out a few of the heaver parts it will be under the 24lbs mark. :thumbsup:
I just can't wait to get out of work today so I can take it out for a spin.
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Does she have a sister? LOL.. That's pretty sweet man!
As a matter of fact she does. But, unfortunate for you she is married.
lol.....yea, but he is also taken.
Nice... Much better than a tie.
Looks very nice; I'm guessing the hints helped!
Damn straight! This I will actually use and enjoy much more!
RacerX.29 said:
Looks very nice; I'm guessing the hints helped!
Yea, after drooling over the one in the LBS I think she got the hint. I kept telling her I'm glad that's a XL frame so I am not tempted to buy it. Then one day I come home and a medium frame is hanging there waiting to be built up :D Only bad thing is now she is going to hold it against me forever now. I can just hear it now "....remember I bought you that epic frame......."
Dang, your a lucky man. You better keep her satisfied.
Super nice!

You are one lucky dude. :thumbsup:

Treat her right... and the wife too!
Yea, I am lucky to have her and I do whatever I try to keep her happy. It works both ways.
So therefore no pics of the wife!
Great way to rub it in our faces...

(Just a bit jealous. Nice ride.)
Kona0197 said:
Great way to rub it in our faces...

(Just a bit jealous. Nice ride.)
yeah, the jealousy burns. oh does it burn.:D
ur a lucky man!!
she sure has good taste!!
Holy christ... I didn't think any man was this lucky.

Damm1 All I got for my B-day (couple weeks back) was a Giro Xen.
Yea, Lucky I am! Lucky I have a woman that enjoys and understands this the sport. This is by far the best present I have ever recieved.
Finally got to take it out for a spin the other day and man, it rides as good as it looks. Now the true test will be this Sunday's race ;)
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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